Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Counsel of Strangers - is here!

Hello everyone

I'm holding a copy of my new novel The Counsel of Strangers in my hand, hot off the press-oven. It's looking good. I would really like you to read it. It will be in stores, but it will be equally easily available in India off the OMO Books site, www.omobooks.com. For those who are wary and chary of the Net, I assure you it's easy - and there are options whereby you dont do the paying on the Net. So do go to the site and order it from there. If you are particularly averse to doing that, you can simply email me at my id or to omobooks@gmail.com and ask for the book and it will come to you in 3 days. We'll figure how to take the Rs 250 from you in the way most convenient to you.
I am attaching the covers, from which you can read the blurb and take a look at the front image.
There's going to be launches - two in Pune, and one in Mumbai, Bangalore, later Delhi, Chennai, Goa.
It's going to be in stores - already is, in Pune, in Crossword stores and in Twist n Tales and Popular and Book World. We're in the process of tying up with all the other biggies and smallies, but store sales is not what we're aiming at exclusively. Too many books out there.
I hope you enjoy the book.
For those of you outside of India, it would be easier if you ordered it from authorhouse or from amazon, etc.


Parul said...

Congrats! The cover looks good. Will pick it up when I see it at Crossword.

Adit(y) said...


I was at your book launch this evening in Pune - and got both 3 Zakia Mansion (Rukmini's recommendation) and The Counsel of Strangers - I just started and finished 3 Zakia Mansion, could not put it down. It was a beautiful read.


archi-val said...

hi . loved your book 3 Zakia mansion.Hope to read you second book soon...

archi-val said...

Yes , I'm the same Devina :) . glad you remember me. Thank you for your comment..
my mau and doggie both are experts at dokyavar basne ! ...:)